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Student services: everything you need to know

If you need support, our dedicated Student Advice and Wellbeing Services team will be on hand to help.

下载好玩吧app下载we want you to succeed and make the most of your time at university. we offer a range of support services that can be targeted towards your particular circumstances. you’re not on your own at liverpool john moores university – there’s always someone on hand to help, advise and guide. browse through this section for an idea of the kind of support we offer our students.

下载好玩吧app下载throughout the year our services will also be running a range of workshops, projects and activities that are designed to improve your wellbeing and enable you to have a better student experience. check our .

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If you need more information, please contact the Student Advice and Wellbeing Services team.

the student advice and wellbeing services team are always happy to help. please contact the team if you have a question or would like to find out more about any of the student services we offer.  

Support service

Telephone number


student engagement team 

0151 231 3664

student funding and money advice

下载好玩吧app下载0151 231 3153/3154

international advice

下载好玩吧app下载0151 231 3673

下载好玩吧app下载accommodation advice

0151 231 3499

disability advice

0151 231 3164/3165


下载好玩吧app下载0151 231 3110

下载好玩吧app下载mental wellbeing

0151 231 3579 or 07929999366

下载好玩吧app下载care leavers and estranged students

下载好玩吧app下载0151 231 8098

retention and academic advice

下载好玩吧app下载0151 231 3162 

director of student advice and wellbeing: yvonne turnbull

下载好玩吧app下载0151 231 3108

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Data Privacy and Confidentiality Statement

student advice and wellbeing services provide confidential information, advice and support to students at the university. we want all students who chose to share information with us to be secure in the knowledge that any information disclosed will be handled in a respectful, appropriate and legally compliant manner.

Read the Data Privacy and Confidentiality Statement